Healing Arts Institute of South Florida

Mental Health Therapy serving Children and Families of Under-Served Communities

Matters of behavioral and mental health therapy are difficult to approach for many people, especially among many minority communities. As a result, cultural norms and generational poverty can prevent people from admitting that they need help. In other words, this can lead to worsening behavioral problems and emotional states in young children.

Healing Arts Institute is committed to removing barriers to mental health therapy, particularly for children in minority and under served communities. With this in mind, we go directly to the schools and homes of at-risk children to provide their care.

Above all, we are positioning ourselves as a pillar of trust and support.

Our traditional talk therapies, supportive behavioral counseling, and family therapies help kids cope with difficult life circumstances. We are able to provide them with the tools they need so that they can become well-adjusted adults.

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Children participating in Healing Arts urban farm and art mental health therapy programs

Mission Statement

​Our mission is to eliminate the stigma associated with asking for mental health services. This is especially true for culturally marginalized communities. We seek to promote the growth and development of children and families through leadership, education, and evidenced-based therapies.

Vision Statement

​Our vision is to solidify our role as a community leader by providing culturally-competent and client-centered behavioral and mental health services. We strive to eliminate stigma by promoting the principles of empowerment, inclusion, and independence. We help individuals take control of their lives, families and futures.

Healing Arts Institute Children's Services Council Collective Impact for Youth Award nominee 2020
Healing Arts Institute – Broward 211 Non-Profit Awards Nominee – 2020

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