About Us

 Inspiring hope, health, & mental well-being.​

​As clinicians serving diverse populations, we provide (or refer you to) appropriate counseling for children, adolescents, adults, and families with mental health conditions. Modes of service include individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Clinicians are trained in the delivery of trauma-informed care using Wellness Institute Hypnotherapy Techniques, Systemic MRI, Rational Emotive Behavioral (REBT)and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Therapies, Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR), Motivational Interviewing (MI), CBT-E, and other evidence-based modalities to customize treatment plans for individual client needs and goals.

The Healing Arts Institute of South Florida is a mental health counseling, education, and research group providing systemic talk therapy, trauma-informed outpatient counseling and mindfulness services. We are small, fresh and focused on caring for our clients and each other.

“Dedication to caring for our clients and each other by inspiring hope, health and mental well-being.”

– Healing Arts Institute of South Florida

Having its beginnings from the vision of Dr. Thelma Tennie, The Healing Arts Institute of South Florida provides direct counseling services and other healing arts interventions. Fostering an atmosphere of clinical healing, we are dedicated to caring for our clients and each other by inspiring hope, health, and mental well-being for all. Additionally, we wanted an environment of support, learning, and care delivery sharing our values…

Our Values

  •  Most of all we value each other, life, and the underlying humanity within us all while embracing diversity and the gift of difference.
  • We value remaining new and fresh. We hope to remain ever open to the idea that counseling, psychotherapy, and healing arts may always be improved.
  • We value education, licensure, and integrity.
  • We value evidence based healing arts whether they be psychotherapeutic models like CBT and REBT or mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga.
  • We value critical thinking and cooperative implementation.
  • We value clinical versus business processes in clinical environments. This avoids the imposition of non-clinical decision-making by others having different values. If this sounds unimportant, consider having your next medical surgical intervention chosen and executed by someone not trained as a surgeon. If you would not make medical decisions in that manner, why make mental health decisions in that way?
  • We value empowerment of our clients and clinicians through an array of interventions. There is more than one path to healing.
  • We work with and seek out like-minded clinicians who value self-care and who understand that doing their own work improves safety and healing for themselves and their clients.