The Relationship Business Plan: A complete workbook to learn about yourself and your partner

by Dr. Thelma E Tennie LMFT and Dr. Debra A Harris LMFT

This workbook gives you all the difficult questions every couple should have a conversation about as they commit to each other.

Our research with couples has also proven that ninety-nine percent of the couples who have come into therapy with us have not asked, answered, or discussed with each other all the questions in this workbook.

Knowledge if this information is imperative for you to learn who you are, what you want and expect from yourself and your partner in a romantic relationship.

Once you honestly answer and process these questions, this workbook develops the blueprint for you to design or redesign your ideal relationship.

This blueprint will assist you in successfully learning and living in your truth and give the knowledge to identify IF you will be able to accept your partners’ truth as well.

Once created this blueprint also becomes a tool to assist and guide you in your relationship as a reference of why you two came together in the first place and will is needed to assist you during hard times and times of uncertainty.

More importantly, by answering the questions in this workbook openly and honestly you will learn sooner than later if you are the right match for each other to continue into a committed relationship making the necessary compromises, or IF you should part ways.

ISBN-13 : 979-8778439566

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OUR MARRIAGE BUSINESS PLAN:: A complete workbook to learn yourself and your partner

by Dr. Debra A Harris LMFT and Dr. Thelma E Tennie LMFT

This workbook is designed with the purpose of being the plan or blueprint to design or redesign and your ideal marriage. It is also designed to assist you in your marriage as a reference guides during hard times and times of uncertainty.

ISBN-13 : 979-8720521585

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Mindfulness Journal: 365 days of reflection

by Dr. Thelma Tennie LMFT

This journal will help you build emotional intelligence by tracking and processing your daily emotions, feelings and thoughts. It will assist you in developing daily goals, while reflecting on what you learned during the day, what you are grateful for. While developing positive coping skills to use daily and making a plan to improve for tomorrow.

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8759790051

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