Dr. Howard F. Jones, a native of Florida, started his career as an exceptional education
teacher (ESE) at Boyd H. Anderson High School in 2002. He was later promoted to an ESE
specialist, overseeing compliance and new registrations. After that, he served as an
assistant principal for seven years before becoming the principal of a special needs Pre-K
In 2021, Dr. Jones was appointed as principal, where he currently focuses on meeting the
needs of special needs students. With 22 years of experience in education, ranging from
adult education to primary, intermediate, middle school, and high school, Dr. Jones is
committed to advocating for all students and helping future leaders reach their full
In 2023, Dr. Jones became an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) working
to support well renowned IDEAL master level program by providing insight and guidance to
help teach and mold future leaders of education .
Outside of his professional life, Dr. Howard F. Jones is a dedicated husband, father, and
sibling. He spends most of his time on leadership development and with his family.