Marsha is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern with a deep commitment to helping individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges and achieve their desired goals. With a solid foundation in clinical theory and a strong empathetic approach, Marsha provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their concerns, improve their relationships, and enhance their overall well-being.

Marsha’s educational background includes a bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. She is currently obtaining her master’s in LMFT at Capella University. During her training, Marsha developed a comprehensive understanding of various therapeutic modalities, including EFT, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and family systems theory. This diverse knowledge base allows Marsha to tailor treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each client.

Through her experience working in case management, RBT and now interning at Healing Arts Institute Marsha has gained valuable hands-on experience in conducting individual, couple, and family therapy sessions. She has successfully helped clients navigate a wide range of issues, including relationship difficulties, communication problems, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and life transitions. Marsha fosters a collaborative and non-judgmental therapeutic environment, where clients feel empowered to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Committed to professional growth, Marsha actively engages in ongoing training and supervision to refine her clinical skills and stay up-to-datewith the latest research and practices in the field of marriage and family therapy. She is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards and strictly adhering to the guidelines and regulations set forth by the relevant licensing boards and professional organizations.

In addition to her passion for therapy, Marsha is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and de-stigmatization. With a warm and empathetic approach, combined with her expertise in marriage and family therapy, Marsha is committed to helping clients build healthier and more fulfilling relationships, develop effective coping strategies, and achieve personal growth. Marsha offers a safe and confidential space where clients can embark on a transformative journey towards lasting change and improved well-being.