Dr. Harris has more than 40-years of experience in church, community, education, and corporate interfacing. She has inspired thousands, nationally and internationally, with her inclusive approach to relationships, classroom instruction, community-building, and leadership training.

She founded the How-to-Love Movement and created The Transformative Relationship Training Curriculum, to help individuals, groups, and business organizations transform their relationship with themselves and their colleagues. 

Dr. Harris has appeared on CNBC, FOX, and other local, regional and national media (e.g., BET, VHS) showcasing her expertise as a relationship professional and/or diversity and inclusion expert.

As an inclusion and diversity researcher, instructor, curriculum developer, and inclusion trainer, Dr. Debra aspires not only to making a difference in the organizations she serves; she seeks to transform the world using her innovative therapeutic curriculum ‘How-to-love’. 

To connect with Dr. Harris, email: drdebra@howtolove.us, visit website: www.howtolove.us,  or phone: (800) 361 9068