Neilys Amador is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern with a life mission to help families, children, couples and individuals achieve their full potential through a holistic standpoint. 

Neilys’s educational background includes a Bachelors in Developmental Psychology, a Herbalist Certification and is currently pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy where she acquired a deep understanding of various therapeutic modalities and evidence-based interventions. Their academic pursuits have empowered them to approach client concerns with a comprehensive and empathetic perspective, recognizing the multifaceted dynamics that influence human relationships. This commitment to growth allows them to incorporate the most current evidence-based practices into their therapeutic work, ensuring clients receive the highest standard of care.

Neilys’s is known for having a genuine interest in assisting clients who are seeking help for improving communication, finding healthy coping skills, emotional management, distress tolerance, and relationships. 

Neilys upholds the highest ethical standards and adheres to all relevant professional regulations and guidelines. She is a dedicated, passionate and ethical intern who enjoys empowering, guiding, educating and supporting those she comes across. 

Their unwavering passion for supporting individuals and families on their journey towards healthier relationships and emotional well-being makes them an invaluable asset to the mental health community.