Samantha L. Sookraj, born in Guyana, worked in the social service field for over 18 years and founder of
South Florida Caribbean Conference, LLC, also known as SFCC where she fosters inclusivity and social
change. She’s dedicated to making a positive impact in the social service and diversity
community. With years of experience, she continues to work tirelessly to bridge the gaps and
promote understanding among diverse groups.
Her expertise lies in designing and implementing programs/events that empower
underrepresented communities, emphasizing their unique strengths and perspectives. Through
collaboration with various organizations, she continues to facilitated workshops, training
sessions, and events that promote cultural competency and sensitivity. Her commitment to
advocacy extends beyond the workplace, as she actively engages in community outreach and
support initiatives aimed at addressing systemic barriers.
As a community leader who advocates for equity, she strives to create environments where
everyone feels valued and heard. Leveraging her experience to drive positive change in various
communities by raising awareness for various causes, bring communities together to help those
in need, connect families with available resources, and empower families to live a happier and
more successful life is her live long mission.

“Together We Can and Do Make a Difference” Samantha L. Sookraj