Making the decision to attend sessions with a therapist can seem daunting. Many people believe that they can handle their own difficult emotions, and don’t want to look for help. This way of thinking can lead to embarrassment and avoiding taking the positive steps needed to make your life better.

  1. Feelings of being overwhelmed – Sometimes there are just too many things going on at once… you feel like you need space to breath, but just don’t know how…
  2. Feeling tired – Feeling tired all the time is a sign that your body is struggling, oftentimes due to emotional stress and mental strain. 
  3. Feelings of apathy – Maybe you no longer enjoy doing the things you used to love to do. Even if you want to go back to enjoying certain activities, you just may not want to do anything at all…
  4. Feelings of social withdrawal – While it’s normal for people to want to spend time alone, we are by nature social creatures. Spending too much time away from others can lead to feelings of sadness and depression.
  5. Feelings of hopelessness – When you begin thinking that you have no future, it can lead to other negative thoughts which make it even harder to function in your daily life.

If any of this feels familiar to you, imagine how much better life will be once you allow someone to help – WE CAN!



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