This prolonged Coronavirus shutdown is slowly beginning to subside. Businesses are re-opening and soon we will all have to decide how we reintegrate with our families, our friends, and society as a whole.

We may feel more nervous than we used to, no longer willing to open up or socialize in the ways that we were once accustomed. For some, prolonged stay-at-home orders or fear of contracting illness may prevent a return to healthy social behaviors. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were afraid to ask for help out of fear of ridicule or not wanting to appear vulnerable.

Everything has now changed – and it is now more apparent than ever that we cannot exist in pockets of social isolation. As we re-integrate, keep in mind that people will begin to open up at their own pace. Some will be eager to get back to life as quickly as possible, while others will be much more cautious. 

As you, your family, and friends decide how to move forward, be compassionate towards others who will feel comfortable integrating at a different pace than you. It will be some time before we are all back to normal. It’s alright if some are more eager than others, or if some want to take more time to process their thoughts and concerns before reintegrating.

Always try to maintain an open and honest dialog instead of criticizing or convincing someone else to your point of view – whatever your viewpoint is on the Coronavirus shutdown, we will have to live with each other long after it’s over. The ways in which we decide how to handle this portion of the crisis will have effects that far outlast that of the virus itself.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty adjusting to the stress and isolation caused by this shutdown, please visit our website or give us a call – we have licensed therapists who can help you today.



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